Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Where is the time going?

We're having so much fun and somebody dared to remind everyone that tomorrow is our last full day!  Time really does fly when you're having fun and that little word really doesn't do enough to describe the experience that we're all having.

It's nearly 10pm and we have just returned from a cup of hot chocolate and settling down once again for bed.  So today.....

We began again with a lovely cooked breakfast and then we went our separate ways to activities ~ more Balance Beam, Archery, Bushcraft, Jacobs Ladder, Zorbing and Team Challenge.

Pizza and pasta/potatoes for lunch and then straight back to more excitement.  Two groups squeezed (slowly) into wet suits and headed to the beach for an afternoon of raft building while the others had fun with 3G Swing, Jacobs Ladder, Zip Wire and Go Karting.   
Roast chicken or Honey roast ham, roast potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding and parsnips were welcomed by very hungry children.

This evening we were planning on going back to the beach for our Hawaiian party but it was a little overcast and chilly so we have postponed that until tomorrow.  Instead we went and sang some more songs and learnt to play a fabulous new game (which some people took very seriously).  We are desperate to play it again when we get to school next week so the paint (or chalk) will be coming out!

Really tired again and no plans to be up early in the morning (except for this young lady who really needs to be first in line for our visit to the shop ~ it's all she's talked about this week and she has made us laugh so much). 

The children have been really great.  We were told today how proud we should be of our children (not the first time this week that someone has said this) and of course we know that and are very proud.

We should also be very proud of the four amazing adults that are looking after them as they are working their socks off to care for each and every one of them and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it has almost been for 24 hours each day.

All fabulous and we are looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.  Thank you for sending your children on this trip ~ I think that many of them will remember it for ever!    

More photos to follow if at all possible.  
Mr Parascandolo


  1. Thank you so much Mr Parascandolo for organising this trip for our children. Your blog is fantastic. Can't wait to hear all from Poppy and her friends. Carry on having fun guys. x

  2. ah that sounds like another amazing day!! We are so proud of our kids too, what a fabulous experience for them all!! A huge thank you for all the help and support the team of staff have put into making this a wonderful time for our children!! hope the weather better for your beach party!!
    anna , andy and tommy ( who says he is not missing his sister at all!! )

  3. They are going to be so bored next week! ..we're so looking forward to hearing all about Joseph's time spent with his friends on this wonderful trip. A massive thank you to all the leaders for making it so special. Wishing you a peaceful night , The Athols

  4. Thank you for taking them and looking after them so well.

  5. It has gone so quick, everyone should give themselves a huge pat on the back.......well done everyone and Thank you so much for all your hard work with our children.......I am hoping Thomas will come back a little more grown up......but not too much.....not yet xxxxxx

  6. Thank you Mr Parascandolo for your blogs, photos and videos. I have looked forward and enjoyed reading all that the children have been up to and appreciate the effort of writing so late at night to update us when you probably just want to crawl into bed !
    A big thank you to all the adults and helpers who have cared for the kids and let them have so much fun and creating wonderful memories. Have a fab last full day tomorrow x

  7. Another fantastic Blog! thank you for keeping us all updated.
    We cracked up laughing to hear that Sophie wants to be first to the shop, as she was telling Christopher before she went that she was going to spoil him!
    Thank you once again for all your efforts, and making such great memories for our children.
    Looking forward to the next update
    Roy Mundy

  8. It's scary how quickly time goes when you're having fun! Pleased to hear about today's adventures. Makes us feel part of it getting the updates! Sounds like kids should sleep well again tonight then ready for another day of excitement tomorrow.
    Sure everyone will have some special memories from the holiday. Night all xx

  9. Kelly Unsworth17 June 2015 at 23:07

    Thank you for the wonderful dedication and care you have shown all the children.
    The blog is magnificent and a joy to read and share with everyone.
    Children remind us adults to enjoy life and treasure these moments....
    Yesterday is history...tomorrow a is a gift...thats why it is the present. Enjoy each moment.
    Have fun!!!!! Sweet dreams!!!!!
    Love The Unsworth family xxxxc

  10. Thanks again for doing all of this for our children, really appreciated. Carry on having lots of fun kids. Tell Mrs Mcdonald we want to see more singing from her please!!!
    The Philpotts xx

  11. How amazing you all looked on the zip wire, it looks very high but exciting !! Glad you are getting to experience all these new things - I'll just keep watching from the ground !!. Have fantastic day today and hope you enjoy your beach party tonight !! Have fun Love to Izzy from Mummy & Ben xxx

  12. I can't thank all the adults enough for looking after our children . I have to be really honest and say this trip was a big stepping stone for me ! Letting your child be independent and taking responsibility for themselves. I feel overwhelmed wigh gratitude that I may have to give you all a big hug ! Finley first though. Enjoy the rest of the holiday. Anna Gibbons

  13. A massive thank you to all the adults who organised the trip and have looked after our children so well. Hope they have a very relaxing weekend planned! Enjoy your last full day. Although we can't wait to see you Mattie, I know you won't want this to end. Even Isaac missing you "a bit!" Philippa

  14. A massive thank you to all the adults who organised this fantastic trip and looked after our children so well. Hope you have a very relaxing weekend planned! Although we can't wait to see Mattie I know he will not want it to end. Even Isaac is missing you "a bit". Enjoy your last full day everyone. Philippa

  15. A massive thank you to all involved in this trip, you are all fantastic and we can't thank you enough for caring for our precious children and giving them memories to last a life time. Reading the blog and seeing the photos and videos has made such a difference to our week, it's taken the worry away knowing that our children are very happy.
    Special thanks to Denise Macdonald for being substitute mum this week!
    Enjoy your last day and beach party.

    Love Teresa, Ralph and Tom Crick xxx

  16. Can't believe how many activities you've done! Bet the raft building was fun. Florence can't wait until next year. Enjoy today and tomorrow, love Leigh, Anthony and Florence Blower x

  17. Max will be in his element will all these activities. The swing looked amazing! Can you arrange another trip for the parents? - can't let the children have all the fun! Thanks for all the updates and for looking after all the children. It really is appreciated. Enjoy your last couple of days. Love the Gallimores x

  18. Another lost comment I will get the hang of this by Friday when its too late.

    Thank you for another update another amazing day by the sounds of it. Sophie I hope you were able to spend the money that was clearly burning a hole in your pocket. Thank you so much to all the very tired adults for looking after our children and helping them have the best days of their lives. Enjoy every remaining moment ..... sleep is for wimps !!!!!!!

  19. It sounds like the children are having the time of their lives, I know Amika will remember it forever! Thank you all for making it so brilliant. Can't wait to hear more stories when they're back - though I think it'll just make me more jealous! (Emma, I'm with you, when's the parent trip to Isle of Wight??)

    Enjoy every minute of your time left, it really does fly way too fast when you're having fun!

    Dee x

  20. It has been brilliant looking at your fabulous photographs and seeing you all so so happy.Thank you Mr Parascandolo for keeping us all up to date with the amazing adventures that the children are having.Thank you also to all of the adults for looking after our children so well.Im sure when you get home you will sleep until Monday! You will certainly deserve a rest and maybe a glass of wine or two 😀