Tuesday, 16 June 2015

We're WIDE AWAKE!!!!

A fairly good night, but perhaps unsurprisingly, our lovely modern accommodation has paper thin walls and is not sound proofed!  So when some of the boys decided to set their alarms for 6am this morning we were not best amused (bearing in mind that our breakfast slot isn't until 8.30!)  Perhaps they are desperate to get in the shower (dream on Mr Parascandolo!)

A day full of activity ~ Bushcraft, Archery, Balance Beam, Outdoor Climbing, Circus Skills, 3G Swing, Zorbing, and then a whole group Beach Adventure before a big walk to Culver Point (the highest point in the Isle of Wight with great views) this evening!

Everyone well, smiling and laughing (albeit a little too loudly and at the wrong time of day/night!)   


  1. You must have been having a dream Mr Parascandola, boys getting up early??? Hopefully they will be shattered by 7pm tonight then lol. Looking forward to more updates and photos...

    Natalie, Chris & Harrison

  2. Probably Josh getting up to do his hair. Haha

  3. Shame they are not all so keen to get up on a school day !

  4. They look like they are having great fun. Enjoy every minute kids
    Jane philpott

  5. looks like they are having a great time. Enjoy every minute kids
    The Philpotts

  6. Love the video, so great to see them all having fun and joining in with all the actions.. But come on Mr Geeson you can do better than that.