Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thursday in the sun!

Our last day and it's getting more and more difficult to wake the little darlings!

Off to breakfast we trudged and we were pleased as ever for lots of food - bacon and eggs this morning - and then came the rush for the shop and delight for Sophie who could hardly contain herself! 

Shopping done it was off to activities and another action packed morning we had (some photos have been shared already today).  It is baking on the island today and we are so lucky to be here! 

After lunch (meatballs and rice,  soup or baguettes) half of the group headed off to the beach in their wetsuits for raft building while the other groups zip wired and climbed. 

Great excitement is currently building as tonight is our Beach Party!! Off to dinner in a minute before the grass skirts and coconuts come out (heaven help us!) These are photos you are going to have to wait up for tonight!


  1. Mr Parascandolo, I didn't think you could top last year with your 2014 blog but you have exceeded our expectations and done us proud. It has been so fantastic to see all the children having so much fun and hearing about their antics everyday and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you very much, we have loved your blog each morning and evening. Lisa and Ben Collings

  2. Enjoyed all the wonderful pictures so far, so the beach party pictures will be worth waiting up for! Looks like you are all having a wonderful time. Have a great last night. The Maynards xx

  3. As you may have noticed I have waited up every night for the update. Can't wait to see pictures of the beach party. Hope everyone enjoys it and thanks for keeping us updated. It's made being apart from our kids much easier.

  4. Thank you so much for all the updates and photos we have enjoyed
    looking at these all week. Thank you for giving the children so much fun
    Paulette McEvoy

  5. The big night is finally here ..... the long awaited beach party ! Get that calypso music going. Mr Parascondolo have you got the same grass skirt as last year or did you buy a new one ? Haha .......have a wonderful night everyone. .... look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Anna Gibbons xxx

  6. I am not surprised they can't get up in the morning after having non stop fun activities all day and night! I think this was your cunning plan all along Mr Parascandolo!!! So looking forward to the party photos, and of course seeing Joseph tomorrow and hearing all about it, enjoy your last night Joe, loads of love, you lucky boy..The Athols

  7. I think we are on target for beating last years number of page views (not that I am at all competitive) lets see if we can beat 7848...come on Year 6 parents!!!

  8. We are glad to see that Sophie got to the local shop, I have always taught her to support her local shops ! LOL
    We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, we will certainly miss this blog, it has kept us entertained and very well informed of your daily activities.
    I hope the beach party was the party to end all parties. See you tomorrow Roy Mundy

  9. Kelly Unsworth18 June 2015 at 22:33

    A brilliant last installment. Thank you so much for a marvellous blog. It has been excited to see and read about yr adventures.
    Definate memories to cherish!!!
    Well done and sincere thanks to all leaders and Mrs McDonald for being so generous
    with your care.
    Have a fab hawaiian party. Bring on the grass skirts and garlands!!!!!
    Missing you Hannah. love n hugs.
    Mum Dad and Aaron...and of course
    Remie and Woodie (they can't wait to see you)

  10. Would just like to say, thank you so much for keeping us all still in touch with our children,,think you are marvellous xxxx