Saturday, 20 June 2015

3G Swing Videos

Videos of the children on the 3G Swing activity will appear here asap.  I'm having a little trouble identifying who is in each video so I have numbered them in order that children can comment, telling me who is in each one. 

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.9.  Sophie & Elizabeth. 10. 11. 12. Kiera & Ciara 13. Eve and Poppy 14. Chloe & Lottie 15. Josh & Sam 16... 17.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Last Post

Sorry folks.  Hope you are enjoying having your children back home.  If at all possible, could you ask them to log on during the weekend and add a comment to this post, telling me some of the highlights of their week.  It would be great to have their memories recorded here.
There are a few more posts to add from the activities this morning together with some miscellaneous photos and hopefully some 3G Swing videos.  These will be updated as soon as possible.  As the photos can be copied/printed from the blog there is now little point reproducing them on a cd.
Have a good weekend

Oh so tired!

No words needed!

Homeward bound

Very busy morning - stripping beds and tidying rooms which was extremely  painful! Off to breakfast and then another activity before getting on the coach. On the ferry eating our lunch now and there is a real mixture of sadness and excitement. The children have had a great time but are really looking forward to seeing you all, comfy beds and home cooked food.  A little bit of advice - get a warm soapy bath ready and put them in it for quite a while before you get too close!  We will update you in a little while!

They think it's all over .... Well it is, nearly!

Our fabulous expedition is all but over.  As you can see from the photos, the children had a really great time on the beach tonight and we could really have stayed much longer but for cases to be packed and showers to be taken.  

We got some funny looks as we headed to dinner tonight in our Hawaiian costumes but our children loved it all, especially the boys!  I think that we might be the only school that brings buckets and spades and heads off for fun on the beach in the evening but it is so important for the children to get the opportunity to be together, having really innocent fun.  When will they get another chance in their lives to do that with 51 of their friends? Just a terrific experience for them all!

Enjoy the final video (it is very slowly uploading so could be a while!) ~ a little piece of history for this group of children and a lovely way for them to end their time at OLOR together.   Look forward to seeing them tomorrow but please may I ask that before you rush them home, turn them around to say a massive thank you to the four wonderful adults who have taken such care of them this week.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Beach Party

Take a look at these fabulous photos of our last night in the Isle of Wight.
There's a fabulous video to come later too!

Thursday in the sun!

Our last day and it's getting more and more difficult to wake the little darlings!

Off to breakfast we trudged and we were pleased as ever for lots of food - bacon and eggs this morning - and then came the rush for the shop and delight for Sophie who could hardly contain herself! 

Shopping done it was off to activities and another action packed morning we had (some photos have been shared already today).  It is baking on the island today and we are so lucky to be here! 

After lunch (meatballs and rice,  soup or baguettes) half of the group headed off to the beach in their wetsuits for raft building while the other groups zip wired and climbed. 

Great excitement is currently building as tonight is our Beach Party!! Off to dinner in a minute before the grass skirts and coconuts come out (heaven help us!) These are photos you are going to have to wait up for tonight!

3G Swing ~ Mrs Carter's Group

Abseiling ~ Mrs Dodsworth's Group

3G Swing ~ Mrs Dodsworth's Group